Stadium Consultants International

Stadium Consultants International (SCI) is a multidisciplinary consulting firm that specializes in the areas of pre-design, physical planning, and revenue generation for the development of sports and entertainment, recreation, leisure, and training facilities. We seek innovative ways to enhance the spectator live event experience while maximizing revenue opportunities for our clients by identifying and developing revenue streams, and by providing them with the latest information on programming, financial feasibility, the newest technologies, physical planning, budgeting, strategic planning, and design standards. Our clients include professional and amateur sport franchises, municipalities and other levels of government, sport agencies, and community organizations.

Our services include:

  • Location assessment and analysis to determine the most optimal site and footprint
  • The development of comprehensive facility space programming
  • The examination and optimization of how spectators, staff, goods, and equipment flow through the facility
  • Minimizing of event changeover times
  • The meeting and exceeding of sustainability standards
  • Recommendations for the most aesthetic, efficient, and cost-effective building assemblies, including low maintenance and durable material selections
  • The creation of innovative seating products for increased spectator experience as well as increased revenue
  • The identification and development of arena bowl neighbourhoods, as well as social spaces open to the seating bowl and specialty entertainment zones
  • The development of ‘come early’ and ‘stay late’ concepts that maximize revenue
  • Research and implementation of multi-use media centres with cutting edge technologies and the latest music concert platforms
  • Conceptualizing flexible event platforms with infrastructure to support the widest array of programming possible